Friday, September 21, 2012

Castile/Spain: eviction of Casablanca social center meant to weaken the class movement

As you may recall, the occupied social center (CSO) Casablanca of Madrid was forcibly evicted by police, without judicial order, less than 48 hrs. ago.

Madriz Rebelde explains tonight that it was much more than just your regular eviction of an occupied social center, that there is a whole repressive campaign against those people because they are an important piece of the ongoing class struggle in Madrid, notably the coordination that is trying to mobilize people to set a peaceful civilian siege to the Spanish Congress on September 25th (hence 25S movement) against the draconian anti-social measures they are approving under the command of Big Capital. 

Therefore recently other attacks have happened:
  • 4 people were arrested in a demonstration on September 15th for carrying a banner calling for "surrounding Congress"
  • Special police units intervened against an open assembly of the 25S movement in El Retiro park, identifying 40 people present
  • On Sep. 29th the CSO Casablanca was evicted overnight without judicial order of any sort being precisely there where the 25S coordinator was having its meetings

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