Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spain: unpaid forced labor for the unemployed now

The wealthy fascist vice-president of the Spanish government, Soraya Sáez de Santamaría, has declared[es] that unemployed workers earning the (previously paid via social security) unemployment benefits will be forced to work cleaning burnt forests. 

It is not even clear why would burnt forests would need cleaning, whom they belong to or whom this work will benefit (many forests are private lumber plantations) but it does not really matter, what matters is that jobs will be filled with forced labor, what is in itself a job-destruction force. 

It also matters that this is just slavery: workers have the right to their unemployment benefits for which they have paid in advance (without option), exactly the same that they have the right to pensions and other social benefits which derive from social security retentions and general taxes.

This kind of attitude by the reactionary elites that rule Europe can only force people into criminality and suicide out of desperation. But I'm sure that's exactly what they want: they dream with imitating the US prison-slavery system in which poor people is dumped into jails and forced to work for nothing worth that name once there. They dream with the return to the slave plantations that existed before the revolutionary period. 

Their egotistic dreams are our nightmares and for that reason we have only one choice: to become their nightmares ourselves.

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