Friday, September 7, 2012

Merkel visit to Spain sparks protests

In Madrid thousands went out to reject cuts in the social budget and the destruction of workers' rights, in Dos Hermanas, Andalusia, a German supermarket (Lidl) was occupied, within the context of the Worker March, promoted by the Andalusian Nationalist Left union (SAT).


Photos from La Haine, more at C.S. Iskra.

Dos Hermanas:

Occupied Lidl (German) supermarket

Arrival of the Worker March to Dos Hermanas

Capitalists cheer EU's fascist impositions and demand faster bail out to be paid by the workers

Meanwhile the Spanish capitalist syndicate (CEOE) demanded that the European "bail out" to Spain happens already. Because they want the pretext to apply even more class violence against the working class within the administrative boundaries of the Spanish realm.

The extremist declarations[es] today of the vice president of the Spanish capitalist syndicate Arturo Fernández, demanding that Madrid begs for the European bailout as soon as possible and does not wait anymore, evidence who is directing all this operation of reorganizing public expenditure from minimal social welfare to the banks and corporations with the pretext of a crisis that not for being anymore real excuses all the class aggressions at all.

While the Spanish conservatives in power would seem to prefer to wait until November, after the Basque and Galician elections leave them without any more predictable electoral commitments for some years, the great bourgeoises are in a hurry to make sure that they can squeeze even more their workers and that they get more subsidies and tax benefits instead of the poor.

But for the workers it would be much better that the state declares bankruptcy (not that it's necessary: there's a lot to cut in military and police spending yet) that to be sacrificed to the moloch of the eternally growing debt, like Haiti was 200 years ago by a merciless France. 

The debt of Spain, not counting the Bankia scam, is not too high so it's still time to drop the banks, cut in NATO and move on, restoring investment in solar energy, research, etc. Not that they will do it, but it's the most reasonable option from the viewpoint of society as a whole.

The mismanagement of this crisis by the reactionary right will push the country to an implosion that can only culminate in a revolution, exactly as in Greece and Italy and maybe other European states in due time. For that reason the government is protecting the colonels and generals who, against the law, are making fascist proclamations and rattling sabers. 

Sabers that today are ultimately powerless however.

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