Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dublin march for the freedom of political prisoner Marian Price

Marian Price has been arrested without charges for many months now in spite of her delicate health. Being a former IRA member, she was under freedom on license but in 2011 she was accused by the British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Owen Paterson, and jailed without trial nor apparent evidence of any sort.

Another person imprisoned arbitrarily in a similar manner is Martin Corey but Price has become more of a rally point because of her health problems apparently.

The march was opened by the flute band Pride of Erin and had banners of the four historical Irish regions and the one of Ireland, as well as couple of anarchist ones carried independently. The march was called by much of Republican (Irish Nationalist) parties and movements in both administrative divisions, as well as the anarchist organization Workers' Solidarity Movement and Troskyist Workers' Socialist Party. At least 30 Irish MPs support the liberation of Price, some of them were in the march (Thomas Pringle, Dessie Ellis and Clare Daly).

The Garda (Irish police) filmed it all and collected names and addresses of some participants in a clear intimidation tactic.

Among the speakers, Paulin Mellon proclaimed repentance of having supported the Good Friday agreement, because it is only used today to justify persistent British occupation in her opinion.




Source: Borroka garaia da![es]

See also: Committee for the Liberation of Marian Price.

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