Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spanish military officers threaten secessionists with military trial

The association of Spanish military officers Asociación de Militares Españoles (AME[es]) has threatened the Catalan President Artur Mas and all those who promote the "fracture" of the residual empire known as "Spain" with military trial for "high treason". 

This is pretty unusual because, according to the Spanish Constitution and regulating laws, military officers cannot organize themselves in any way other than the military hierarchy nor take part in politics (unless they first retire). There are legal grounds in fact to indict all the members of this illegal and blatantly criminal association, however the current neo-fascist government is more likely to protect them, as has happened already with some outspoken individual officers. 

The organization does not just threaten separatist politicians but also apparently unionist ones, claiming that they are the ones to blame for allowing a territorial representation system that allows some residual power to nationalist parties as pivot in the bipartisan game. 

Incidentally the representation system actually favors Castile and the twin imperialist parties (PP and PSOE) by giving excess representation to the provinces, a modern invention, regardless of population (most semi-deserted provinces are in the central nationalities of Castile and Aragon), demonstrating once again that, in general, military officers are a dumb, ignorant, yet arrogant and dangerous endogamous caste - at least in Spain.

Another association (Asociación Unificada de Militares Españoles, AUME) responded that the Military must remain neutral because they are subordinated to the civilian power.

Technically the AME has stepped into illegality and it should be dissolved and its relevant members brought to military trial themselves. But so far none of these criminal putschist-fascist attitudes has been persecuted.

Source: Público[es].

Update: it has been known that this organization is one of retired officers only. This may make the difference of making their political activity technically legal but diminishes nothing the fascist saber rattling.

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