Saturday, September 8, 2012

Basque Country: another communications sabotage

A telecommunications antenna serving the companies Orange and Vodafone has been sabotaged today in Lezama, near Bilbao. 

After breaking in, the attackers burned tires destroying the cables and rendering the facilities useless for some time. They also left pamplets in the area reading  

Sozialismoaren bidean borroka da bide bakarra
Independentzia, Socialismoa
Kapitalismoari sua


The struggle is the only way in the road to Socialism
Independence, Socialism
Fire to Capitalism

Police thinks it is an urban guerrilla action (wow, brilliant!)

Another conceptually similar attack took place near Donostia (San Sebastian) on August 29. While it seems clear that both actions are ideologically related, it's not whether the various groups keep any kind of organic affiliation. 

Whatever the case it is clear that there are some people who are willing to risk their freedom because they feel that the current unilateral peace process is going nowhere worth going to. 

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