Wednesday, September 12, 2012

People's Tavern raided in Bilbao again for hanging photos of Basque prisoners

These days you can't even show your solidarity and sympathy towards your local prisoners. If you do so the police forces, subservient of the Spanish imperialist occupation, will punish you and accuse you of "apology of terrorism". 

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech? That does not apply anymore! Human rights? Only for some, every day for less and less people. 

The Western Basque Police Corps (Ertzaintza) raided the Herriko Taberna* of Errekalde (Bilbao) because they exhibit pictures of the local political prisoners. 

The police agents, who removed the pictures without any authority, threatened the workers with being denounced for apology of terrorism, something they know perfectly is not how the law works. 

In fact the tavern or any citizen can express their solidarity with prisoners within the law, however police is acting on political orders and has been doing so for several years now, since the coup in the Western Basque Country which brought the unionist forces to power by means of massive electoral fraud.

Source: Bilboko Branka[eu].

*Herriko Taberna: People's Tavern, social center akin to the Basque Nationalist Left, one of the largest political forces in this country if not just the largest one.

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