Saturday, September 15, 2012

South African class struggle: unrepentant Zuma continues in the way of repression

The class struggle in South African mines continues with police attacking with all the power of industrial technology self-organized miners armed with mere sticks and a few machetes. See more details at Al Jazeera.

The dimensions of this already epic class struggle of those who extract the gold and other luxury items from the entrails of the earth, so the wealthy can sport their stupid-looking rolex and the like, are just getting bigger as we speak. The self-proclaimed paladin of the working class, Jacob Zuma, is showing his true colors, colors of betrayal and shameless greed, by not nationalizing the mines automatically and putting to trial both the greedy businessmen and the murderous policemen and ministers behind them.

Zuma is a class traitor but we already knew that, didn't we? 

The question is how much will take for the South African people as a whole to march to the his palace in Tswane, former Pretoria and take the justice and the power in their hands as is needed. 

This strike is big but it may become something much bigger. Go miners!, go workers!, go South Africans!

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