Thursday, September 20, 2012

Japanese government booed in Kyoto

Yakuza-looking plain clothes guards (police?) defended the van where PM  Noda and some of his ministers used to address the crowd.

This level of unrest is very unusual in Japan, whose culture emphasizes hierarchical discipline and conformism.

From Ex-SKF:

Angry Crowd Shout "GO HOME! GO HOME!" to PM Noda and Leadership Candidates in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Good job, people.

And thank you citizens of Kyoto City for showing us the way back in March, when you shouted down Goshi Hosono and his underlings.

Frankly, things like this have never ever happened in Japan before - ordinary people shouting down the leadership of the country.

"帰れ、帰れ! 解散しろ!" Go home, go home! Dissolve the Diet and hold election! People shouted at the DPJ leadership candidates speaking atop the van, on September 19, 2012 on the street corner in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

According to people who watched the snippet in the evening news in Japan, the television stations all filtered out the angry crowd. As you see at about 2:20 into the video, there is a wide space between the candidates and people. Plain-clothes secret policemen, who look exactly like yakuza, make sure none of the peasants dare approach the van.

In other news from radioactive Japan:
  • Mutated antibiotic-resistant mycoplasma causes epidemic in parts of Japan ··> EneNews
  • Warn that clothes retain radiation: wardrobes have highest radioactive levels ··> EneNews

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