Tuesday, September 25, 2012

General Strike in Basque Country, Greece and Galicia

Beginning shortly the Southern Basque Country and Galicia will go through the second (or is it third?) general strike of the year, called by the nationalist, anarchist and other combative labor unions, as well as many other adherents. 

Almost simultaneously (there is one hour of difference) another general strike has been called in Greece. This one will be covered in English (as far as I know) by Occupied London - From the Greek Streets, which has already posted a "live" gadget for instant report HERE.

I generally follow the policy of not doing any online activity on general strikes but if important events would take place I will prioritize the informative role. Otherwise I'll tell you what has been going on not earlier than tomorrow evening. 

September 26 - general strike
For labor and social rights
Let us confront the cuts, the reform and the impositions!

Update (Sep 26): I have decided that, for the good of information diffusion (and because my legs hurt too much to stay around for too long) I will blog "normally" here but only on matters of class war. I even created a small logo for the occasion:

Could be better, I guess, but will do.

Note: it seems I was wrong on strike being called in Galicia on this day. No info at CIG[gal].

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