Friday, September 28, 2012

Uruguay: first Latin American state, after Cuba, to allow women to decide on their pregnancies

In a major landmark legal vote, the Parliament of the Oriental Republic of the Uruguay passed the law that legalizes abortion in the initial third months of pregnancy, the only requisite being to go through a minimal medical counseling phase. 

The vote was very tight, 50 to 49, because the fascist influence of Catholic Fundamentalism is still too strong in the continent.

Women's right to abortion worldwide (cc NuclearVacuum):
· Legal
· Legal with restrictions (note: Uruguay just changed to "blue" zone)

· Illegal with some exceptions
· Totally illegal
· Varies through regions

President José Mujica has the power to veto the law but he clearly will not do that, being a supporter of legalization himself.

Source: LINyM[es].

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