Sunday, September 23, 2012

Honduras: legal representative of farmer union murdered

A. Trejo (left) and other activists
Yesterday night at 21:40, Antonio Trejo Cabrera was murdered near the Tocontín International Airport, dying within the hour. He was the legal representative of one of the several cooperative farmer movements of the Lower Aguán, known by its acronym MARCA.

Trejo had been threatened often before. Would he have been a wealthy member of the elite we'd be talking "terrorism" and what not, but he was just another commoner, worse: someone still hoping and fighting for justice and dignity, and therefore his murder will go ignored in the international media.

Trejo managed the legal issues of three cooperatives of the MARCA: San Isidro, La Trinidad and El Despertar. He was arrested along many other farmers and citizens on August 21st protesting before the Supreme Court.

His murder is yet another clear case of class terrorism by the oligarchy against those workers who dare to stand up and fight for their rights. The MUCA (another farmer union) names those necessarily behind this crime, the mafioso landowners Miguel Facusse, René Morales, Reinaldo Canales, as well as the machinery of the state, which is 200% at their service since the 2009 coup. 

Source: LINyM[es].

Update (Sep 24): professional assassination:

It has been known now that Antonio Trejo, attorney and evangelical pastor, suffered five shots, two of them to the head (deadly), two to the side of the thorax (one of which destroyed a lung) and the fifth to the leg (femur boken).

In the days before his murder he had been very active, along many farmers and other activists, denouncing how the judges were trying to revert the only concession of lands to farmers so far in the endless legal, political and often armed conflict with the palm oil caciques.

Also he took part in the denounce of the de facto President, usurper Porfirio Lobo and the President of Congress, Juan Ramón Hernández, were committing high treason by ceding parts of the national territory to "libertarian" US agents.

The murder happened just a few blocs away from the Border Police station but not a single agent arrived to the scene of crime but much later. The assassin apparently used night-vision technology because the shots were all very precise in spite of the location being in almost total darkness at the time.

It is also meaningful how fast the state attorneys have dismissed the crime as unrelated to politics and performed by alleged common criminals

Source: LINyM[es].

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