Monday, September 10, 2012

India: police murders one citizen in anti-nuclear protest

One citizen was killed by police in a brutal attack against protesters near the village of Idinthakarai (Tamil Nadu), located 1.5 kilometers away from a controversial nuclear power plant and that has been the center of previous protests. 

Police apparently charged with batons and tear gas against the thousands of people in the village, pushing them into the sea. It is not clear how the victim died: shot, drowned or for some other reason. 

The demonstrators marched against the Indo-Russian Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (pictured), which they want closed for obvious reasons (radiation risk, danger of major catastrophe like in Fukushima or Chernobyl. The authorities are trying to smear the protesters as being puppets of foreign NGOs (Putin does this all the time) but it is obvious that they are local people seriously worried about their future and that of their children, as happens everywhere. 

Sources (with video): EneNewsNDTV.

Update (Sep 11): tension continues with police bullying citizens unrepentant ··> NDTV.

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