Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Basque General strike: mid-morning report (and afternoon updates)

Sources: Greba Orokorra at Storify, Greba at, twitter:#GrebaOrokorra.

Most importantly one citizen has already lost an eye because of a rubber bullet impact. It happened in Bilbao (twitter at around 11:15 CET).

Massive picket in Bilbao
Picket in Vitoria-Gasteiz

The first impressions are of massive following but there are always exceptions.

For example in Arrasate (Mondragón):

Industry (mostly Mondragon Cooperative Corp.)

  • Fagor Etxeko Elektratresnak: no strike. (nays: 800. ayes: 700)
  • Fagor Ederlan: strike.
  • Fagor Elektronika: strike.
  • Fagor Automation: strike.
  • Fagor Arrasate: strike. (ayes: %59’1. nays: %40’9)
  • Fagor Industrial: no strike.
  • JMA: strike. (ayes: c. 100. nays: 35)
  • Polmetasa: strike. (ayes: 60. nays: 35)


  • Closed commerces: some on strike, some not.
  • Eroski supermarket (coop.): no strike.
  • Zerrajerako Consumer (coop.): strike.


  • Arrasate Public School: strike.
  • Arizmendi Ikastola: strike, some minimal services.
  • Arrasate High School: strike.
  • Arrasate Musikal: strike.


  • Arrasate Town Hall: strike, some minimal services (funerary, etc.).
  • Upper Deba District Community: strike. (ayes: 28. nays: 7. blank: 3)
  • AUKEA org.: strike.


  • Urban: no strike.
  • Pesa transports: strike, minimal services.


  • Musakola sports facility: closed.
  • Iturripeko sports facility: closed.


  • Goiena Communication Services (Internet): strike, minimal services
  • strike, minimal services

So far this is it.

See also the previous report on Navarre specifically.

And don't forget that there are also general strikes going on for essentially the same reasons in Greece (live coverage in English and Greek, twitter hash #26sgr) and Galicia.

Also Hamaika Telebista has live coverage of the strike most of the day (in Basque language essentially but you can probably find good videos). In Spanish media this strike is mostly being ignored however.

Some noon updates:

Massive participation in the morning demo of Bilbao:

Violent behavior and indiscriminate charges of the Chartered Police of Navarre (all "Basque" police forces are under unionist control right now). Massive demo in Pamplona as well:

Another media live blog is at EiTB (the public media broadcaster, which is under minimal services), however they are mostly reflecting the lies and half-truths of the bourgeois syndicate and the illegitimate Western Basque government (under unionist hands because of massive electoral fraud).

They report (official figures) two people arrested (one in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the other in Urduina), 12 accused but free (11 of which belonged to a single picket in Gasteiz). A person injured in the "eyebrow" has been confirmed, although officially they don't discuss if it was caused by a rubber bullet (illegal in all EU since 2013) or not.

Donostia: people wants to help by giving Spain a less melodramatic size:

Another source is Berria[eu], which reports following of the strike of 50-70%, against the ridiculous figures claimed by the Capitalist minority's syndicate and their mercenary governments.

Most of the repression has taken place in Navarre, where even elect deputies have been beaten by police forces:

Source: Ateak Ireki (credit required, non-commercial use only)

I have technical difficulties embedding a video, which cannot be watched at YouTube anymore but can at Ateak Ireki (police charge in Pamplona).

Police repression against the demonstration evolved into active confrontation by citizens in Pamplona:

Source: Ateak Ireki[eu].

Also at AI, videos or photos of  the demos at Pamplona, Tafalla, Gares... They also report of two injured by police violence in Antsoain.

Riot damages in Pamplona, including some strike-breaking shops, most surely caused by police violence (rubber bullets break glasses and stuff):

In Getxo, near Bilbao, the most conscious people have called for a meeting this week in order to keep the mobilization up: they feel that the general strike is not an end but a beginning and that we must keep the flame of struggle burning day after day (source: Tele7 video[es]).

The beginnings of the clashes in Pamplona, where you can see how members of the Navarrese Parliament attempt to calm down the police... and fail:

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