Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tomorrow, Sep 26, general strike in Greece, Basque Country and Galicia

A socialist system is urgently needed in all Europe
Tomorrow we will witness (and take part according to our possibilities) in the General Strike called in the Southern Basque Country against the dracononian destruction of the (already weak) social state in the name of an austerity that is only practiced against the workers and almost never against the political, police and military mercenary castes, nor much less against the wealthy Capitalist oligarchs who hold the reigns. 

Similar calls exist in Greece and Galicia. These are small but brave nation-peoples, when will the rest of Europeans join and take down the Bourgeois Dictatorship in EU?

Informative ref. in English for the strike in Greece: From  the Greek Riots. I will try to reflect a posteriori (in principle this blog will also be on strike, at least until the evening) what happens here in the Basque Country and those informations I can gather from Galicia.

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