Thursday, September 27, 2012

Madrid: second evening of protests and second night of repression

Following the call of yesterday's assembly, today there has been another massive demonstration at Plaza Neptuno with the mind set in Congress. A third demo has been called by the ad-hoc popular assembly for Saturday 29th (not sure at what hour). 

For hours the protest was without incidents (even if it was not authorized) but after it began self-dissolving at c. 22:00, police charged since c. 23:40 against the smaller groups that remained in Neptuno Plaza. Some of the victims of this belated police rampage are a group of French tourists and another one of Chinese investors who had their business dinner in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also at least on journalist was injured and his camera broken by police agents.

Among the protesters' slogans there was special emphasis in demanding the freedom of those arrested, mostly unlucky peaceful protesters picked at random. Another victim of their puns was the recently resigned President of Madrid Region, Esperanza "Espe" Aguirre, a Gestapo-style mafiosa deeply involved in the Bankia scam. My translation:

Espe we love you, Espe please stay...
we were just joking: Espe kill yourself!

The struggle is 
the only way.

From East to West,
from North to South,
the struggle continues
no matter what.

Freedom, freedom,
arrested for struggling,
if they hit one,
they hit us all.

Sources[es]: Kaos, La Haine, Público.

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