Friday, September 21, 2012

Basque solidarity with Palestine in football match against Zionist team

The European sport and cultural institutions are pushing the Zionist agenda once and again and allowing Zionist teams, representing a racist state that was expelled from the Asian federations, to take part in European competitions, shaming us all. 

Luckily some people still have a solidary heart beating inside them and go protest the Neonazi Zionist presence in our soil. The people of Herri Sur did not bend to the pressures of the team bureaucrats, who seem to have no heart whatsoever, and brought the true flag of Palestine to the football field.

But what is really unforgivable is that from the Athletic to the UEFA, as well as all other relevant European sport and cultural institutions, are tolerating the presence of a Nazi genocidal apartheid regime such as is Israel in Europe. 

We should not accept that: we should be more active and block the landing of their airplanes by taking over the airport. 

Never again! No to Zionazis in Europe! No to Zionazis anywhere!

Sources. Berria[eu], Madriz Rebelde[es].

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