Thursday, September 13, 2012

Honduras: President denounced for high treason

Honduras for sale
The (illegitimate) President of Honduras Porfirio Lobo and some of his accomplices have been denounced to the Supreme Court for high treason. Why? For selling off national territory to foreign companies with extraterritorial rights, the so-called "model towns".

Lobo, as well as the President of Congress, Juan Orlando Hernández, and other MPs stand accused of surrendering national sovereignty in the so called Special Development Regions (REDs by their Spanish acronym), in which the national law, justice and even administration altogether would be abdicated in favor of international mercantile law, in fact surrendering those towns to foreign companies for their absolutist exploitation subject to no rules but their capitalist whim. 

I discussed in some greater detail the "libertarian" (ultra-liberal and imperialist) project in this previous entry, where notable extremist foreign names like Paul Romer, Peter Thiel, Patri Friedman or George Akerloff among others appear as the main conspirators against Honduran sovereignty and human rights. Also here it was discussed how the main project near Trujillo is a direct aggression against the mixed Afrodescendant and Native American Garifuna People.

Source: LINyM[por] and LINyM[es].

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