Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Japan's Minister of Defense confesses: nuclear power is not about energy but about bombs

I know, you know, maybe everybody with a forehead knows... but it's seldom admitted. Nuclear energy enthusiasts pretend (some of them may even truly believe) that it's truly a promising energy generation method... but the unspoken truth is that it's all about being able to build up the bomb as soon as needed.

Finally, pressured by a growing anti-nuclear tide after large swathes of the country (at the very least) were devastated by the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, the Japanese Minister of Defense, Satoshi Morimoto, confessed to a conference of energy businesspeople.

Having nuclear plants is not only the issue of power supply. It’s playing the significant role of deterrent force for neighbor countries.

Source: Fukushima Diary (where you can read the original words in Japanese as well).

Back in July, Prime Minister Noda admitted to the same truth.

This of course does not apply only to Japan but also to any other state with nuclear reactors, but actually to many different states (categories marked in red bold type in the legend):


   Operating reactors, building new reactors
   Operating reactors, planning new build
   No reactors, building new reactors
   No reactors, new in planning
   Operating reactors, stable
   Operating reactors, decided on phase-out
   Civil nuclear power is illegal
   No reactors

(CC by Ichabod Paleogene & Krzysztof Kori)

All those states have and/or want the absolute destructive power of total annihilation to wave it against their neighbors in case they deem necessary. 

Or even to use it, preventively or for whatever other reason. 

That is the true reason behind nuclear energy development. All the rest is just propaganda. 

Problem? That it leaves the Earth so contaminated, even if no bomb is ever exploded, that in the long run a state like France, full of nuclear reactors, is destroying itself.

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