Monday, September 3, 2012

Guatemala: Pentagon pretexts fight against drug traffic to send troops in

The USA at the same time promotes, manages and uses drug trafficking as pretext for military intervention. A most clear case is Colombia, the second army after Israel most subsidized by the USA (both being bully rogue states incidentally), but also in Panama, Haiti... and now Guatemala, where hundreds of US marines have been deployed with the pretext of helping against drug trafficking.

This is not, we must notice, police cooperation, as may happen in other cases and that, no matter how controversial it may be (the DEA is not above suspicion either, not at all), it is somewhat normal. This is military deployment. 

And it is a model: militarization of the "war on drugs" that has already been tried in Mexico and has been a total failure. It also suggest that the new Proconsul of nearby Mexico ("President" by means of massively rigged elections) will increase the militarization and that it is all part of a single project to consolidate the colonialist imperialist domination of the USA in Mesoamerica and parts of the Caribbean Sea. 

In the Guatemalan case, the militarization of what should be a police matter, has everybody very concerned because it was the Army the culprit of many massacres and a genocide in the civil war that shattered the country in the 20th century. It was also the USA who supported those massacres and the military dictatorship behind them.

Ref: LINYM[es].

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