Monday, May 14, 2012

Romney was a bully - and a bully is always a bully

Bullying is one of the worst social dynamics that can happen in school (or otherwise among kids, among adults such behaviors are often camouflaged or repressed, not that they do not exist) and there's nothing worse than a bully, really (well maybe all the kids who instead of kicking his face laughed at his institutional violence). 

Bullies, as we know, are actively recruited to become policemen or otherwise thugs for the wealthy. But they begin their training as kids. Bullies suck!

Worst of bullies is that they do not really feel like you or me: they are sadics. 

And now it has been known that Mitt Romney, the Mormon fundamentalist conservative candidate for Emperor (US President) was a bully in school. According to Al Jazeera, the thug insulted allegedly homosexual classmates, attacked a blind teacher among psychotic laughs and, in the most striking case of his stupidity and insensibility, he, along with some other thugs companions, pinned down a classmate and cut his hair with a pair of scissors. 

I doubt someone like this can be considered a normal person, certainly not someone to be given any authority. Against what actually happens, policemen and security guards should be also screened for this kind of psychological behaviors because you don't want a bunch of psychopaths with so much power, but certainly you don't want them to be ministers or presidents or CEOs of anything. 

There should be psychological screening against psychopaths getting too much power. There are not so many systematic bullies in each class, it should be not so difficult to get them to do some less dangerous job like sweeping the streets or whatever. They should never be given any power, never!

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