Sunday, May 6, 2012

Basque citizen chains himself to ruling twin-party office to cause his arrest

Igor Katxorro was sentenced to two years of prison and a fine of €12,000 for alleged urban guerrilla. He proclaims himself innocent and claims vulneration of his right to defense.

In order to denounce the injustice, just one of many in a totalitarian legal system that takes policemen's word as "evidence" and your version is by default considered a lie, more so if you happen to be young and Basque, Igor chained himself to the see of the Socialist Party (PSOE), one of two brands of the twin party system that rules Spain and the other countries annexed to Castile, some of whose members have also been appointed to rule as proconsuls in the Western Basque Country against the will of the people.

This tactic of choosing the time and place of your arrest was used decades ago with great success by the antimilitarist movement. It helps to evidence the injustice and commonality of repression, specially because you can get the press and supporters to be there with advance notice.

Source: La Haine[es].

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