Monday, May 14, 2012

Police evicts the 'indignados' of Madrid

At 6:00 am police evicted the people concentrated in Plaza del Sol, Madrid. A squabble between two people, thought to have been simulated by plain clothes agents, was the pretext they used to intervene. Two people were arrested (other nine remain in jail since Saturday night). 

Yesterday night at Sol

Sources[es]: Público, Kaos.

See also: yesterday's report.

Nine arrested could face prison

In a move obviously intended to dissuade more nonviolent protests, nine of the 18 people arrested the night before are still in police dungeons at Moratalaz station and may be charged with attack against authority, which carries (if convicted) prison of as much as four years.

Police is claiming[es] that many of them have "antecedents", what by the context of the police declarations (could affect the penalties, blah, blah) would imply that they would have criminal files but knowing how they lie more than they talk usually, they surely mean that they just have police files, which are in fact irrelevant for trial. 

Most probably all is nothing but the usual police intimidating bullshit. But just for the record.

Closing their Bankia accounts against foreclosures

Hundreds of  people related to the 15M movement have closed their current accounts in recently nationalized Bankia savings bank in protest for this company being the main agent of foreclosures in the region of Madrid, reports Público[es].

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