Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enslaved immigrants revolt in Mississippi prison

Immigrants imprisoned in a private prison (slave-labor factory) in Natchez, Mississippi (USA), the Adams County Correctional Center, took over the center yesterday. As of now it seems that the revolt was quelled.

This, we must say, is class war in action: these people are workers who have been arrested for just trying to survive and are being exploited by a prison system that has become slave-labor factories (who incidentally compete with you because prisoner-slaves are paid with a mere token 93 cents/day, fed and beaten - you can't be more competitive than that). 

The prison is owned by the Corrections Corporation of America (the largest slave trader corporation of the USA and maybe the World nowadays), who is trying to keep the occupancy ratio as close as possible to 100% in order to maximize benefits (what causes more arrests and convictions than should be normal).

For what I have been able to gather one guard was killed and some other 19 people were injured, among both repressive forces and rebels.

Sources: diverse mainstream media, Kasama.

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