Sunday, May 6, 2012

Greek elections: polls place the Coalition of the Radical Left struggling for first place

A. Tsipras, leader of SYRIZA
Although SYRIZA will most likely end up second, that is already a huge victory, and one rather unexpected as pre-election polls forecast less optimal results. 

Instead the twin-party ND-PASOK collapses, together not reaching 40% (rather like not even 35%) of the vote. They will not be able to govern even with support of the far right most probably. 

The kingmaker position is likely to be held by DIMAR, a self-styled democratic socialist new party that is a schism of SYRIZA by the right. However at this moment I have no idea how many votes they have been able to collect. 

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE, neo-Stalinists) seem to have performed slightly under expectations (probably losing voters to SYRIZA).

I have never before followed with any interest a Greek election so I have no idea when we will have some clear results. It may well be later in the night. 

In any case, the system has been turned upside down, with the traditional twin-party system being completely displaced as result of their sell-off to the banksters of the World. 

Update: exit poll (Megat TV, from Keep Talking Greece):

  1. Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy, conservatives): 17-20%
  2. SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left): 15.5-18.5%
  3. PASOK (social-democrats): 14-17%
  4. Independent Greeks (conservative dissidents): 10-12%
  5. KKE (Communist Party): 7.5-9.5%
  6. Golden Dawn (Nazis): 6-8%
  7. DIMAR (Democratic Left): 4.5-6.5%
  8. LAOS (Christian-Fascists): c. 3%
  9. Greens: c. 3%
  10. Democratic Alliance (liberals): 2.5%
Under 3% of national vote no representation is achieved. Otherwise, the exact representation will be mostly determined by local performance in the various constituencies (although 12 seats are elected at national level). The Hellenic Parliament has a single house with 300 seats.

Other European elections

As you probably know by now, all the dirty jobs, the pseudo-Napoleonic imperialism nor the pointless anger and arrogance have not served Sarkozy to get a second term as president of which is still probably the key European power. His flirting with the Fascists only served in the end to give centrist votes to his opponent. 

Results are not official yet but everyone gives as granted that it is François Hollande the new President of the French Republic. His discourse has been quite moderate and nobody knows well what to expect but what may have been critical in getting him the support of many voters was his only clear line: austerity is not enough, stimulus is necessary. 

We'll see what is left after the vote. 

Meanwhile Merkel and her lackeys of the FDP have lost Schleswig-Holstein to the other face of the twin-party the red-green coalition.

Also in Italy municipal and regional elections (continuing tomorrow Monday) will serve to gauge the public mood for the first time since the technocrat Monti was appointed almost directly by the IMF.

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