Monday, May 14, 2012

Sea Shepherd's Watson to be extradited to Costa Rica on false charges of "murder attempt"

Capt. Paul Watson
Environmentalist hero Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was arrested in Germany by  police forces who want to defend the mafia of shark extinction. 

In the relevant incident in 2002, Captain Paul Watson ordered the Costa Rican ship Varadero to stop murdering sharks for their fins on account that the practice was illegal in Guatemalan waters, where the incident happened. However then the Guatemalan and Costa Rican authorities attempted to arrest Watson and confiscate the ship on the fabricated pretext of "murder attempt", something that the relevant videos show to be false. 

Sharks are often mutilated while still alive
The German police arrested Watson, who has Canadian passport, in Frankfurt while in transit towards France and pretend to extradite him to Costa Rica, a state that promotes the extermination of sharks for commercial purposes. 

Watson has the support of two French environmentalist notables: Daniel Cohn-Bendit (vice-president of the European Parliament) and José Bové (MEP). 
Don't forget to boycott every Chinese restaurant unless they sell no shark fin soup and demand the European authorities to forbid the biocidal dish within the boundaries of the European Union. Every day hundreds of sharks are tortured and murdered only for that silly soup, bringing the millenarian fish near extinction.

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