Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Video evidence of the police attack against Xuban Nafarrate

The family of Xuban Nafarrate, severely injured in the head by a rubber bullet, tired of the lies of the (undemocratically imposed) Councilor of Interior Rodolfo Ares, has made public a short video that is evidence in the trial and that shows, albeit at some distance and low resolution, the exact moment of the aggression:

It is clear (notice the sketch at 0:22) that Xuban falls down in the exact moment in which the unmistakable sound of a rubber bullet shot is heard. In case you have any doubts the sequence is repeated several times. 

The shameless Mr. Ares claims that Xuban hit something with the head and fell down for that reason. A new version of the old story of "he jumped off the window", "he threw himself through the stairs' central void" or "those are not torture marks but self-produced injuries".

In this case there's no just a video that allows little room for misinterpretation but also nothing against what Xuban could have hit himself (he was about to jump a low fence in his runaway attempt).

The context of this police attack was to "protect" a mafioso fascist commercial center (El Corte Inglés: boycott!) from an information picket which demanded that workers be allowed to strike (the company is so mafioso that they don't allow their workers even basic rights, yet they muzzle the media with massive advertisement expenditure).

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

Remembering Iñigo

As you may know, just weeks later, another person, a random football aficionado named Iñigo Cabacas, Pitu, was shot in an even less justified police intervention with another rubber bullet causing him death (after several days in coma). 

His acquaintances have today called for another demo as a whole month has passed since his pointless murder.

Today is also a day that Iñigo would have surely enjoyed a lot because his beloved team Athletic Bilbao is playing the final of the Euroleague in Bucharest and has high hopes of victory.

Source: Sare Antifaxista[es].

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