Friday, May 11, 2012

Greece poised for new elections as Venizelos fails to seduce SYRIZA to the Dark Side

E. Venizelos (PASOK) declared himself unable to form government in Greece. This was mostly as expected, specially since DIMAR had refused to form a grand coalition government without SYRIZA, who in turn consider that supporting a renewed ND-PASOK coalition is not the mandate issued by the Greek People. 

We enter now in a second round, so to say, of Sunday's elections. This new vote will take place in June, according to what I have read. So far polls appear to give SYRIZA a clear enough lead to grab the strange prize of 50 extra seats that the electoral law gives to the most voted list. They will however need, most likely, the support of other parties to form government but a Red Coalition will be the only option in any case (barring last minute surprises).

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