Saturday, May 19, 2012

Italy school bombing: who's behind?

Just browse past history: Loggia P2, Al Qaeda, Gladio network... nobody else does this kind of terrorism senso stricto and all are puppets of the imperial structures of NATO.

There is some speculation that it could be the Mafia (Camorra, N'Dranghetta, Berlusconi's circles...) but the fact is that those are business (dirty business but business anyhow) and would get absolutely no advantage of such an attack.

I for one suspect NATO-Gladio-Al-Qaeda: they are doing that kind of shocking anti-civilian massacres in Iraq, in Syria, in the USA itself... and now we are entering a very delicate period of social disruption in Europe, periods in which Italy has always been central, at least in the area of institutional terror.

I can't say for sure but if they start blaming the Anarchists or the Muslims, then it's NATO for sure: this kind of crimes are intended to focus civil anger against a pre-determined target, just like 9/11.

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