Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quebec approves fascist law against 14-week-long student strike

The Parliament of Quebec, dominated by the Liberal Party (conservative and unionist) approved this past week (May 18th) a law that:
  • Forbids any crowd near a university
  • Forbids any demonstration if the organizers do not notify police with at least 8 hours advise
  • Brutal fines against organizers of demonstrations that obstruct the normal working of universities

The student strike is fighting against an attempt to more than double the fees from c. $1780 to $4000.

Source: Disidente del Capitalismo[es], who cites other sources also in Spanish.

Update: also at Al Jazeera.

Some 200,000 marched against this fascist law and in demand for the resignation of Charest, who is decried as a tyrant.

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