Wednesday, May 23, 2012

International Atomic Energy Agency controls and censors World Health Organization

Very interesting and scary (albeit rather long) videos today at Energy News, denouncing how the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an entity designed to promote nuclear energy (of interest for the Industrial-Military Complex mostly), has the power to block the publication of any World Health Organization report. This power is reciprocal but it's hard to imagine why the WHO would want to censor IAEA.

This means that in practical terms, the pro-nuclear camp controls absolutely all health information coming out from the United Nations, what explains all the lies about Chernobyl, the worst nuclear catastrophe before Fukushima.

I include here only one of the two videos but the other one is also very dramatic and interesting (and different point of view as well):

No cold shutdown: corium will be there forever

EneNews has other interesting info today (and often). For example, Dr. Caldicott (from the reputed International Physicians Against Nuclear War) denounces what is obvious for all of us following the Fukushima catastrophe with due care and healthy skepticism: that the cold shutdown claim is a blunt lie: the corium (uranium-plutonium lava) is still there and will be forever emitting radiation, penetrating across the Earth's crust and potentially reacting at any moment with further catastrophic results.

··> LINK

Reactor no. 3 explosion sent radiation right away to Tokyo

Again from EneNews: a US government (NARAC) map shows how the radioactive particles after the fated day of the second explosion (March 13 2011) went right to Tokyo

··> NARAC paper (PDF), including several other maps of interest illustrating how the particles probably arrived to US territory (and Eastern Siberia).

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