Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nazi terror unleashed by Putin against LGTB activists

The Putin regime we must not forget is a fascist reactionary one with fundamentalist tendencies, one of the worst in Europe. On top of that it is ferociously homophobic and has declared illegal all kind of LGTB demonstrations, including the one on Thursday on the International Day Against Homophobia in St. Petersburg, which we will insist in calling Leningrad.

As result the dozens of protesters who dared to show up were corralled and intimidated by police, what did not impede them from giving balloons to passers-by. 

However soon after a group of Christian Talibans carrying crosses issued death threats against the protesters and even managed to cross the police line and seriously injure some of the activists with a baseball bat.

After this attack the organizers evacuated the area in buses but the vehicle was attacked by Nazis, who threw smoke bombs and broke the windows with sticks and stones. They eventually invaded some of the transports where they attacked the LGTB activists until police and drivers managed to secure the situation. 

At that point the Nazi gang attacked a nearby bus carrying some immigrant workers. Witnesses reported several gunshots although the information of this last incident is not clear because local authorities have not made any information public. 

Source: El Economista[es].

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