Thursday, May 24, 2012

More military/police occupation displays in Navarre

Spanish troops have seen marching through the Navarrese towns of Gares and Mañeru with their weapons readied. The occupant soldiers marched in several groups of 5-10 scaring the populace. 

These last days have also seen increased anti-terrorist (or rather terrorist, I'd say because they only aim to terrorize the people with their menacing presence and illegitimate policing) controls by the infamous Spanish military police corps Guardia Civil. 

Incidentally, yesterday it was made public by the Unión de Guardias Civiles (illegal because soldiers can't unionize and these police agents are also professional soldiers) that they are raising illegal police files on nearly everyone. If you happen to be identified in one of these "anti-terrorist" controls, you get a "terrorist" file in the police archives. 

Such is the reality of "democracy" under the Spanish military boot. 

Sources[es]: Garesko Auzalan, Gara.

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