Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The gods seem displeased with Hollande's pro-German gestures

'Is Taranis, God of Thunder, protesting!'
So displeased they are with Hollande's early choices, it seems, that they struck his plane with lightning, forcing an emergency landing back in Paris. No superstitious person (or faithful, as they like to call themselves) would doubt it: the lightning is a clear sign of the gods' anger. 

Why? An easy guess is that Merkel and her IV Reich policies are not of their like and that, by visiting her first of all, Hollande is essentially breaking his electoral promise of bending the course of EU towards collapse, course set but the Merkozy IV Reich tandem and their idiotic "strong euro = empty pockets" policy of bankster plunder. 

But is not just the journey. Hollande has appointed a new pro-German Prime Minister, an old man (62) named Jean-Marc Ayrault. He is not just a former German language teacher but he also has a history of cronyism and very hated for his merciless expropriations to build the new airport when he was Mayor of Nantes. 

I presume that this and that have angered Taranis, ancient Gaulish god of thunder. At the very least they have raised the first eyebrows about the consistency of his freshly new presidential term and the sincerity of his promises. 

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