Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nazi attacks, Nazi impunity, Antifascist defense

Some news on Nazis and the like in Southern Europe and the astonishing impunity they enjoy. But not all is a carpet of flowers for the new SS kapos:

(1) From OL-FTGS (on Greece):

Nea Smyrni, Athens: Nazis attack to migrants and are beaten up

This morning around 40 Nazis tried to attack to African street vendors on the Square of Nea Smyrni. The migrants together with people who joined them from the surrounding coffee-shops pushed away the Nazis. The two groups at the moment are on two sides of the square.

In the neighboring district of Kalithea last night one more migrant was attacked and stabbed, two days before in Kalithea Nazis attacked to Egyptian migrants. Yesterday the offices of Golden Dawn in the city of Patras were attacked by antifascists. 

(2) From Sare Antifaxista[es] (on Spain, my synthesis):

A scandal that does not surprise: Spanish Police sets free the 52 Fascists arrested in the riots of Atlético de Madrid UEFA victory celebrations.

None of the 52 Fascists arrested for severe riots on the Wed-Thu night has been brought to court. They burned several vehicles, hurled bottles, rocks and other items, destroyed urban furniture, set up barricades, broke shop windows, looted shops and even damaged the main entrance to the famed Museo del Prado.

Police took them declaration and finally decided not to press charges against any of the 52. Most of the arrested wore Nazi iconography.

(3) From OL-FTGS (on Greece):

Office of the Nazi party Golden Dawn trashed in the city of Patras (once again!)

On the night of May 10th, the office of the Nazi party Golden Dawn was once again trashed in the city of Patras by anarchists. The anarchists left the scene and no arrests were made. 

Beware and be ready because a Capitalist system in clear defensive stand is unleashing the Fascist dogs as last ditch effort.

Zero tolerance for the Fascist intolerants!

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