Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another journalist kidnapped in Honduras - many more killed in Latin America in 2012

Alfredo Villatoro, director of radio news of the large pro-regime broadcasting corporation HRN, was kidnapped this week.

Unlike in previous occasions when the establishment of the regime (mock-President, Catholic and Protestant priestlings, Capitalist syndicates and even the buffoons who sit in Congress unelected) have come out in support of this journalist.

In contrast, when critical journalist LGTB activist and revolutionary politician, Erick Martínez was murdered just a week ago, the hypocrites remained silent like tombs, knowing well they were accomplices. Why do they protest now? Maybe because Villatoro was a mouthpiece of the Fascist regime?

In any case, journalists in Latin America are having a very bad year, with 21 journalists murdered so far (8 in Mexico, 6 in Brazil, 3 in Honduras, 2 in Bolivia, one in Colombia and another one in Argentina).

  • Four journalists were found dead (tortured and mutilated) on May 3 in Veracruz (culprit: Los Zetas narco-mafia and death squad of US military training): 
    • Esteban Rodríguez, former photographer of AZ; he had recycled himself as welder.
    • Gabriel Huge, photographer of Notive who exiled himself upon the murder of a colleague.
    • Guillermo Luna Varela, photographer of Novite and Veracruznews
    • Irasema Becerra, photographer of El Dictamen 
  • Regina Martínez, reporter of El Proceso (found beaten and asphyxiated in her bathroom)
  • Francisco Javier de Moya Muñoz and Héctor Javier Salinas Aguirre were murdered in a shooting along 13 other people in a tavern in Chihuahua
  • Raúl Régulo Garza Quirino, municipal worker and column writer of La Última Palabra, was murdered in Cadereyta (Nuevo León, also territory of Los Zetas).

  • Laercio de Souza, journalist of Rádio Sucesso, was murdered on Jan 3 in Bahia state after being threatened for reporting on political corruption.
  • Mario Randolfo Marques Lopes, chief redactor of Vassouras na Net (a web site) was murdered along with his couple in Río de Janeiro state. He used to report on political corruption.
  • Paulo Roberto Cardoso Rodrígues, aka Paulo Rocaro, was murdered in February at Ponta Porá, near the Paraguayan border, when investigating on irregularities of local elections. He directed Jornal da Praça and online site Mercosur News.
  • Onel de Moura, owner of Costa Oeste newspaper, was shot down on March 24 at Santa Helena, near the controversial mega-reservoir of Foz do Iguaçú. His former political activity as leader of the local conservatives (PSDB) did not protect him because he was too honest and critical of the widespread corruption practices. 
  • Divino Aparecido Carvalho, aka Carvalho Junior,  was murdered at Foz do Iguaçú, on Marc 26. He directed radio program Show da Cultura. 
  • Décio Sá, director of Diario de Maranhão and a popular blogger, was murdered in São Luis. He practiced investigative journalism on local police, political corruption, organized crime...

Honduras (besides the ones mentioned above):
  • Saira Fabiola Almendares Borjas, student of journalism, was murdered with two friends in Choloma
  • Fausto Elio Valle Hernández Arteaga, radio journalist of Radio Alegre, was murdered with two nephews, by people dressed as police agents
  • Noel Alexander Valladares Escoto, presenter of Maya TV, was murdered along with his uncle and bodyguard in April 23.
Many others have suffered death threats.


Argemiro Cárdenas Argudelo was, liberal politician, former mayor of Dosquebradas and owner of Metro Radio Estéreo, was murdered on March 15.

Source[es]: LINyM (link 1, link 2).

Update (May 16): Ángel Villatoro  was found dead with two bullets to his head and dressed as anti-riot policeman but with red headscarf and socks. Some local sources consider this kind of clothing to represent a protest against corruption in the police corps, deeply embedded with the drug mafias and other criminal networks. 

Source: LINyM[es].

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