Friday, May 4, 2012

Greek state in Nazi-like attack against prostitutes

From the Greek Streets reports how the Greek authorities, in the latest show of their lack of ethics or even a varnish of hypocrisy that could pass for it, have been persecuting prostitutes, forcing them to have HIV tests and exposing publicly, with the help of the mainstream media, their names and photos in what they claim to be a campaign for the protection of Greek households. 

Just in case some reader does not understand how serious this is: 
  1. About men who go whoring:
    1. Real proud men don't do that.
    2. If you do, use a damn fucking condom!
    3. These men are, if anyone, the criminals and never the victims: they are taking advantage of women pushed by Capitalism and Patriarchy to have to sell their dignity for survival or similar reason.
  2. Prostitutes are essentially the victims of the system: sometimes pushed to do a demeaning but highly demanded job for economic reasons or in other cases, way too often, even forced to their condition by direct violence of criminal gangs, who trade and exploit them as slaves. 
By acting the way they do, the infamous Goldman-Sachs-IMF-ECB-Merkozy-Papademos  government is implying that customers of prostitution mafias are "victims" (instead of the selfish criminal accomplices they actually are) and that sex-workers (slaves?) are "criminals" of sorts for having the disgrace of being forced to have sex without condom by pimps and customers.

As in the infamous surgery-religious nonsense that sells circumcision as a false "prevention" against AIDS, the whole discourse is brutally male-centric and misogynistic: while in heterosexual intercourse women have all the tickets to get infected and males only now and then do (the virus travels in the direction of fluids indeed), the discourse only attempts to help (???) promiscuous men, often whore-goers or even rapists, totally disregarding the health and safety of women who are misleadingly portrayed as mere vehicle of contagion, just as in the old Judeo-Christiano-Muslim junk of women being the source of all sins and what not. 

It sucks and must be denounced as the fascist totalitarian unacceptable abuse it is. 

Not just that, the culprits of these Nazi abuses must be sent to jail or equivalent: they must not be left at large or we risk Europe decaying into the worst Neonazi nightmare. We must react and we must make these Nazi criminals pay for their arrogant crimes against human dignity, freedom and against workers' rights. 

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