Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Japanese People rebel against the criminal idiocy of their government, block radioactive debris scatter, two arrested

As you may know (or not because the lack of information on the worst environmental disaster ever is incredible), the corporative Japanese government, essentially controlled by big dumb companies like TEPCO, is going on criminal rampage, scattering the radioactive debris from Fukushima all around the country (and maybe Marianas islands, a US colony). 

It makes no sense, I know, but that is what they are doing stubbornly, bribing municipal governments so they accept radioactive debris for land-fillings (Tokyo) or incineration (many others). Apparently the twisted logic behind may be that they aim to "decontaminate" as much as possible the Fukushima area so vast areas of the countries are not evacuated. But it's all nonsense because they are just helping to spread the contamination all around, even to areas that should be relatively safe like the South or the Ryukyu islands. 

Finally some people in Kytakyushu have attempted to block the trucks carrying the first load of radio-contamination from the North, even getting their bodies under some of the 22 trucks:

Eventually, eight hours later, police removed them and accused two men of "attack" (Ex-SKF explains that may well mean that they merely touched the police agents - in my country you don't even need to do that: they declare so and it's legal "truth"). These two men have been arrested.

Sources: Ex-SKF (link 1, link 2), Fukushima Diary

In other Fukushima-related developments...

One of the consequences of exposure to radiation is increased risk of sudden heart attack, often leading to death. Fukushima Diary shows how, since April 2011, infant mortality because of heart attacks has grown abnormally, effectively doubling:

Other radiation-related diseases, like cancer, have also increased similarly. But then they will say that radiation is "harmless". 

Iori Mochizuki also discusses, following workers' tweets, how Fukushima I reactors have serious architectural stability issues, maybe because of the continuous injection of seawater to prevent further criticalities. 

Meanwhile EneNews reports of the arrest of a Yakuza ringleader who was involved in blackmailing people to be sent to work and die at Fukushima Daichi.

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