Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fromer Japanese ambassador in Switzerland denounces his government, alerts on Fukushima's imminent global danger

He said in rather good English to the press:

I’m Mr. Murata former Japanese ambassador to Switzerland.
The voices of the victims are not being heard sufficiently because of the efforts of the minimizers of the accident.
Today I want to only pick up one question, the problem of the Unit 4 reactor at Fukushima.
I’m saying this is a global security issue.
Because once an earthquake beyond a magnitude 6 or 7 happens, then the world starts heading towards the ultimate catastrophe.
According to the expert Robert Alvarez, the amount of cesium-137 is 85 times more than Chernobyl.
[Garbled Speech], but there’s not the sense of crisis.
I would like to ask your cooperation to alert the whole world to this danger.

Full video here, excerpted video and main source at Energy News.

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