Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Killing immigrants in Spain is cheap: policemen who killed a Nigerian while deporting get away with a €600 fine. Outrageous!

Two police agents who irregularly gagged a Nigerian immigrant with duck tape in 2007 while in deportation transit, who died as result, got away at court with a ridiculous fine of €600. 

The agreement between the state attorney and the other state workers (police agents) was facilitated by some other state workers (forsenic experts), who claimed that the gagging was not the direct cause of the death but that it was caused by stress and lack of oxygen

I really can't imagine how being gagged with duck tape can't cause stress and lack of oxygen... but guess that, following that kind of logic, they can shoot someone and claim that the bullet (never mind the hand pulling the trigger) was not the direct cause of death but a complex set of factors like a hole in the head and heavy brain spill

Sadly it is not any joke: a person was killed and the culprits have got away easily. They will probably kill again and that time it may be you... or me.

Ref. Levante[es].

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