Friday, May 18, 2012

US-Honduran joint military operation kills four civilians, including two pregnant women

Four people were killed by US helicopter fire in the remote border region of Mosquitia, Honduras. 

On May 11, a helicopter transporting Honduran police and DEA agents opened fire against a boat that traveled through a river in the area of Ahuás, Mosquitia, killing four civilians (including two pregnant women) and injuring at least other four people (including at least a young child).

The official report of the Honduran police just mentioned an operation against drug trafficking in which several people were killed. The US embassy confirmed that they supported the Honduran police in this occasion. 

The local inhabitants, who are largely indigenous or descendant of runaway slaves, outraged, burned several government offices. They also issued a communication demanding the expulsion of the DEA from their lands. They also clarified that the victims were fishermen, not drug dealers. 

For centuries we have been a peaceful people who live in harmony with Nature but today we declare non grata the presence in our land of those North Americans. 

The DEA claims that the victims not just carried drugs but also that they shot against the helicopter. With two pregnant women and young children aboard? Do you think we are idiots?

Source: LINyM[es], HRW[es].

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