Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Honduran politician and journalist murdered

Erick Martínez Ávila, 32 (pictured), was found death on May 7th at a roadside between Olancho and Tegucigalpa. He had been reported missing two days before. 

The body presented no obvious injuries, reason why it is speculated that he might have been killed by drowning. However nobody seems to doubt that he must have been murdered, considering the violently repressive Honduran context since the 2009 coup, which often ends in political murders, and the open and ample activist of the victim. 

Erick Martínez was member of the National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP) and pre-candidate by its electoral formation the Freedom and Refounding Party (LIBRE). He was also journalist, officer of the LGTB association Kukulcán, co-founder of the Movement for Diversity and Resistance (MDR) and activist of the political association Los Necios (The Fools).

Source: LINyM[es].

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