Friday, May 11, 2012

Upcoming new elections in Greece could give Left absolute majority

The trick of giving 50 extra seats to the leading party should work for a change in favor of the Coalition of the Radical Left, SYRIZA, who may get around 128 seats with 23.8% of votes. All other parties could perform worse than in the previous poll.

However SYRIZA would still need the support of other Left parties like the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), who demands outright exit from EU and the euro, or the Democratic Left (DIMAR), who instead have performed poorly since they accepted the agreements signed by the illegitimate Papandreu and Papademos governments, who acted mercilessly against the will and interests of the Greek People.

Conciliating these divergent views and tactics from other Left-wing sectors may be a major challenge.

Since neither the Conservatives nor the Radical Left have been able to form government and nobody expects the third force, the decadent Pan-Hellenic Socialists to be able to do any better, new elections are expected to take place in few weeks in the Balcanic country.

Ref. Zero Hedge and comments in this article at Kasama.

Update: hold on! PASOK and DIMAR may be forming an unholy coalition to keep Greece under the boot of the Troika. The third partner would be the conservatives of New Democracy and, I presume, the new prime minister would be PASOK's new leader D. Venizelos.

Certainly all the members of such coalition are likely to lose positions if new elections take place but, then again, the new government would be tainted as of doubtful legitimacy (again), because Greeks, at the right and the left, are clearly voting against the memorandum.

But the alternative is to allow a revolutionary force to be in position of taking power and that is not something that the Bourgeois class will allow. 

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