Friday, May 11, 2012

More on the Greek coalition talks: new elections likely again

I mentioned yesterday (in the update) that there was some chance that PASOK and DIMAR could come together into a coalition with the conservatives of New Democracy. However today it seems, following Al Jazeera, that DIMAR wants a left coalition with SYRIZA and without ND and that implies new elections. 

So I guess that is what it will be.

I also have word that the sectarian KKE will bloc any attempt of Left-wing coalition around SYRIZA on grounds that they want to leave EU and the euro right away. This is obviously a reason for the Greek People, excepted the irreducible 6-7%, not voting KKE: because they want to go too far too fast and are behaving irresponsibly. 

This leaves open the question of what kind of government can be formed after new elections. As discussed yesterday, SYRIZA will get some 125 or 130 seats (according to opinion polls), what will require the support of DIMAR but also of a third formation. This one should be the KKE but obviously not if they insist in imposing all their conditions even with just a small representation. 

If the KKE does not join the Left coalition, then the only option will be to join with the discredited PASOK, which still seems to hold some 10% of the voters' intention. But then PASOK, together with DIMAR, will demand accepting the already signed memorandum agreements, which are illegitimate, a condition that SYRIZA cannot accept. 

The situation looks complex although I do have some hopes for an ample True Left coalition including SYRIZA, KKE and DIMAR.

Source: The Guardian


  1. I feel that DIMAR might be enough for SYRIZA to form a government, but I feel KKE has lost a chance to be in government and for once put some of their polcies into practise.

    Hopefully they will have the sense to put their diffrences to the side and join with SYRIZA

    1. For what I have been told KKE is quite dogmatic and won't join any government that even attempts to remain in EU, even if confrontationally, as SYRIZA attempts to do. But then again, maybe they change their mind after elections if their support is still needed (unsure).

      But first let's see if there are elections (Venizelos and Papoulias are desperately trying to form some sort of government acceptable for the Troika) and which are the exact results.


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