Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spain, Catalonia: 15-M anniversary: large demos and plaza occupations - 18 arrested in Madrid

250,000 march in Barcelona

Some 250,000 Catalans marched through Barcelona against the anti-social budgets promoted for the bourgeois authorities. Several columns of marchers from the periphery converged in the iconic Plaça Catalunya, where eventually, the demo began marching through the city in a circular manner (ending again in Plaça Catalunya). 

The opening banner was dedicated to the anti-social budgetary cuts, however the slogans were most diverse. Examples that I know how to translate:
  • There's no lack of money but excess of bankers
  • It's not a crisis, it's a scam
  • These are the thieves (while marching near the stock market)
  • They call it democracy but is not
  • Democracy is in the streets
  • It is not a crisis, it's capitalism
  • Military spending for education and health care
  • Less police, more education
  • No to privatization
  • We are not all, Laura is not here (in reference to a person arrested weeks ago in a demo)
  • A general strike is needed
  • The only exit: indefinite strike
  • The solution is revolution

Source[cat]: Kaos en la Red (includes video and photos).

Update: Plaça Catalunya has been occupied as well ··> Live Stream:

Madrid: back to Puerta del Sol

This previous night lots of people took over Puerta del Sol again, which was, according to reports, full of people (30,000 apparently). This occupation was done in coordination with other cities (22,000 in Barcelona, 8000 in Valencia, 5000 in Alacant, one or two thousands in Seville, Málaga, Valladolid, Córdoba). 

Puerta del Sol last night

At 3:45am the decision was not to camp but people remained in the plaza, cleaning, debating or just resting, the weather is very favorable. 

Police charged at  5:00am, resulting in 18 people arrested. 

There were also evictions in other cities but peacefully, no arrests.

But the arrests of Madrid triggered an appeal for another demo, which concluded at 18:30 at Puerta del Sol, which is right now occupied but thousands of people. 

The Spanish authorities have threatened with forceful eviction if there is a camp. 

Sources[es]: Kaos en la Red (incl. video and photos), Público.

Update: Spanish media is essentially ignoring again the protests, at least not paying them too much attention.

Some English mentions: The Indypendent, News Daily  - in general search (last 24 hrs), this post is no. 1 in Google for "Spain occupation" and "Spain 15 M". Then comes El País (english edition), go figure!

Valencia (update):

Besides the already mentioned 5000 march, no idea but there is a plaza occupation too, live stream:

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