Tuesday, May 15, 2012

64 years from the Nakba

Huge flag deployed in Gaza
Today the Nakba (catastrophe, Palestinian equivalent to the Holocaust) was commemorated with sadness and rage in Palestine and in the exile.

This video illustrates with photos how a perfectly normal Mediterranean country known as Palestine since some 2000 years ago was erased from the map to make room to European colonists from certain sect and create a new crusader racist state known as Israel. How its inhabitants were expelled at gunpoint and never again allowed to return.

Some 80 people have been injured only in Ramallah in the clashes between Zionist colonial forces and dignified Palestinian People who refuses to die. ··> Uruknet.

Clashes today in the outskirts of Jerusalem (RT):

Palestinian refugees in Egypt and elsewhere, including the largest concentration camp on Earth, Gaza Strip, don't renounce to their right to return, nominally upheld by the UN but systematically sabotaged by the Zionist colony and its de facto motherland: NATO. ··> Uruknet.

Update: here in Bilbao there was also some informative and solidarity action:

Source: SA[eu].

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