Friday, May 25, 2012

Rajoy admits it: austerity doesn't work

That's what he told him to the French President, F. Holland: 

The policies that we Europeans believe in, such as controlling state spending and reforms to boost growth, ultimately have no effect.

For once I have to agree with him. There's no way Europe can work as it does now: like a colony of Germany. 

In his rather unusual ability to speak out the obvious he also said:

Europe has to come up with an answer because we can't go on like this for long.

I knew that several years ago, Mariano. But well... better late than never. 

Raxoi (that's the correct spelling of his surname in the native language of his country: Galicia) is not the only right-wing European leader forced to pragmatism after the IMF recipes have failed once and again (no news here but maybe in Tory Street it is), Britain's Cameron is also asking now for stimulus policy at European level.

Source: Telegraph, who also hints at the formation of a Latin bloc in the Eurozone, now that that rat of Sarko is gone.

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