Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turkish Revolution report (noon Jun 5)

Internet censorship (from Webguerrillero[es]):

Blockade of Twitter, Facebook is not direct but the broadband has been strangled (via TTNET, the Turkish ISP provider). That way access is not formally blocked but the flow of information has been reduced to a trickle, what is the same.

This also applies to access to the Internet overall via 3G. The main operator TurkCell denied they were choking the lines but the reality on the ground is very different. 

At least 120,000 people in the Turkish state has already downloaded an application known as HotSpot Shield that helps evade state censorship.

Also Kasama has a large photo-gallery (with a chronicle of the revolutionary uprising), as well as a report of the solidarity protests in Boston.

Searching for HKP references I found it to be a Kurdish Maoist party

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