Saturday, June 8, 2013

The media treats Nazi violence much worse than individual or "terrorist" attacks

An interesting remark by Yesca (Castilian revolutionary youth movement) upon the murder of Clément Méric:

It is very curious how the mass media give these issues very low profile and priority in comparison to the coverage provided to attacks of "lone wolves" or Muslim fundamentalists. The far right has demonstrated once and again its dangerousness for the working people, attacking especially the most conscious and combative individuals on social and labor rights. We are not talking of isolated cases, but of a continuous trickle of aggressions, attacks and murders by well organized groups, which are widely ignored or even protected by the resorts of the State. That is maybe the reason why the deaths of antifascists are dispatched with such a minimal media repercussion.

Source: Madriz Rebelde[es].

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