Monday, June 3, 2013

Mexico: police represses would-be protesters in the subway

Hundreds of riot police agents in full gear occupied metro stations in Mexico D.F. in order to violently repress an intended protest at the Presidential palace of Los Pinos. 

Let us here recall that all recent Mexican presidential elections have been tarnished by mass fraud, what makes the authorities highly illegitimate.

Police violently beat protesters and neutral commuters alike. Reports also suggest that infiltrated plain clothes' police provokers, carrying rocks and petrol bombs, were also present and caused much trouble.

This intended protest is part of a wider civil disobedience campaign which has scheduled a protest camp in the Ángel de la Independencia (close to Los Pinos) for tomorrow and Wednesday, when there will be a march on the anniversary of the burning of kindergarten ABC. Between June 15th and 25th there will be a civic plebiscite on the revocation of the presidential mandate, followed by a march against insecurity and later, on July 1st, mobilizations across the country.

Source: Kaos en la Red[es].

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